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Food Security and Eradication of Extreme Hunger and Poverty is a key component of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Africa boasts more than one quarter of the world’s arable land but it only contributes a meagre 10% of global agricultural output. With persistent rise in population and economic growth, food demand is increasing at alarming rates at the expense of production. It is therefore imperative that Africa nations employ the most effective and economic agricultural practices, modern tools and innovative technologies in agriculture to ensure high yield, reduce hunger to its barest minimum, and develop smart strategies to realize the expected SDGs goals..... Read More

Conference Subthemes

Satellite technology remains the driving force behind most developed and developing economies. It provides security, telecommunications, technology advancements, protects the environment and a host of daily services. In today’s satellite oriented industries change is the only constant, from market and technological changes to policy and budgetary uncertainties.

  • Precision Agriculture via Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Machine Learning Techniques & Computer Vision Programs for agricultural development.
  • Information & Communication Technologies Intervention in Agriculture.
  • Innovations in Agricultural Space Based Technologies e.g. Robotics, Drones, Mobile Apps.
  • Climate Change Adaptation, Space Weather, Environmental Monitoring.
  • Agricultural Insurance, Food security, Market development, E-commerce and Agro- Space based Economy.

August 14


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National Space Research and Development Agency
Senator Boroffice Conference Hall
km-17, Yar Adua Expressway Abuja
Phone: +2348164772013
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